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There are many occasions that call for a special hair style…

Passion Hair can help you to look your best for that special party, holiday, wedding or other important event. Sometimes you need something with more flair than an everyday hair-do. Some occasions require a more formal, elaborate style, while others may only call for a mildly spruced up look. Whatever the occasion, there are many different styles you can choose from for a memorable and beautiful look.

The classic and chic updo is indisputably the most popular type of formal hair style. A simple French twist or basic updo style is sleek and elegant, while a half updo is a bit more casual and romantic. You can leave face framing tendrils to add softness to an updo, or perhaps you have something more elaborate in mind.

If you are unsure exactly which type of special occasion hair style is for you, feel free to call or visit us to discuss your specific requirements.

Wedding Party

We offer a free consultation for your big day, whether its your wedding or someone else’s. You can choose from our various hair style catalogues for a classic or comtemporary look. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can bring your own hair style picture and we will be happy to match your request. Call us now on 0207 483 0778to take that first step towards your dream hair style!

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