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Body Wave Perms are a loose perm that is stylized with a slight wave. These are ideal if you want to opt for the curly haired look with more volume. This style of loose perm also adds more movement to your hair.

Please note: Your precise results may vary depending on your hair type. For instance, when straight hair is treated with the Body Wave perming process the perm will result in large curls, whereas naturally wavy hair will produce tighter curls.

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The look of your spiral perm will depend on the width of the perming rod and the chemicals we use. This technique is achieved with the help of long perming rods. Our Spiral Perm will give you beautiful cascading curls that have spring and bounce. Spiral perms are tighter than Wave perms and can spring out in various directions.

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The Yuko hair straightening system is a chemically based system that permanently straightens your hair. The process can only be performed by a specially trained professional hair stylist.


First, your hair is washed, and sprayed with a pH balanced “hair water” which prepares your hair to accept a special neutralising solution.

A Pre-treatment protection is then applied to your hair to prevent it from being damaged. The first chemical applied to your hair softens it and makes each strand more flexible.

The neutraliser is then washed out and the hair is rinsed through with hair water.

Now the straightening begins!

The hair is divided into small sections and straightened using hair irons. This can take around two hours for medium length hair.

Another chemical is applied which sets the hair in its current shape – completely straight. This is left on for quarter of an hour before it is rinsed off and more hair water is sprayed through the hair.

Finally the hair is blow dried and hair straighteners are quickly run through the hair to provide a beautiful, sleek and glossy finish.

The look is easily maintained at home with a quick application of straightening irons, although it will still look straight and sleek if you just “wash and go”.